It is a sad thing in life that many people never get to live out their dreams. In fact it is a tragedy that many dreams often remain just that. And never get to have life breathed into them.

Martin Luther King looking deep and philosophical, probably because he had a cool dream.

This man had a dream, and not even his death could quiet it. No. His dream lived beyond him…into today, and I daresay his dream is more alive than most people’s I know. Maybe even yours.

But what’s your dream? Take a moment, think… I’ll even ask you a question I was asked not too long ago, what’s the state of your dream? Do you still remember your life’s dream? Or is it hazy and hard to recall – like what you had for dinner last Tuesday? Or is your dream vivid and in bright Technicolour, brimming with life, even bordering on reality? I’ll try be brave and tell you of my dream, the sad little thing that it is. My dream is a simple one…sometimes I think, too simple. Because my dream, friend, is to be able to talk. And just to be clear, I can talk…audibly and well enough. But I have always desired a voice… (now I’m starting to get poetic)  *pinches self*.

Sawa, now I’m okay. What I mean though, is that I have always desired to speak out, against, for or with whatever I could find reason to.

I have always felt it in me, that my best friend in this endeavour would be someone I had always been familiar with – Words. And to Words I flew. One thing led to another, I could barely keep up with the pace of it all, next thing I know, Words and I were spending all our spare time together. It was a romance that would have had Romeo come knocking for tips on how to win Juliet’s heart. The brief encounters were sweet, the long hours delicious. I knew that Words was my Gift and that things could only get better. I knew that soon we would be living our shared destiny. But alas! Like all great love stories tend to, ours too turned out to be tragic.

My heart could no longer gaze upon Words lovingly, and the passion that once consumed me was now a dead ember in a dying fire. I had had expectations of what Words and I would be. We had toyed with the idea of getting Ink and Paper, and make our couple a family. But the reality proved to be too far removed from my Dream. I became disillusioned, and felt no need to give my heart to any other Dream, let alone mine with Words. My future was sealed –  I decided. I would become like that average man I saw on the street. I would live my life well within my comfort zone and never stray too near where Dreams could sneak in. I would never risk anything to get that which I could not see, and I would definitely not dare to use my talents or abilities to pursue my Dream. And only when I had made this unspoken treaty with myself, did I realise what a miserable fate I had ensured would be waiting for me.

There was no joy; that much I can tell you. I only felt bitterness and shame. The former, whenever I saw people toil for their Dream to become real and the latter whenever that reminded me of my state. It eventually became a terrible cycle – with one often making way for the other. And I found myself in that miserable state – feeling that life was going on without you, and I’m sure many of us know what that feels like.

But, just then, Something happened, and it was caused by a Someone…in a way I could have never imagined. And to put it mildly, it was a slap to the face. That Someone was the beginning and end of me. He made me see how foolish I had become, but in my foolishness He taught me to see the Wisdom waiting for me just beyond my reach.

My whole life I had thought that my Dream was a personal treasure-something I would never have to share with anyone…something I could use only for myself. It was He who rid me of such silly thoughts. He taught me that my Dreams weren’t even made for me in the first place. He told me my Gifts and Skill were not something I was to brag about. In the loving way He always does it, He corrected my thinking. He told me that He is the one who gave me my Dream…so that I may use my Gifts to reach it…but only so that I could be a blessing to other people.

And I became humbled. And I thought of how selfish I must have been to have wanted a life with myself as the only focus. He reminded me that the path to my dreams would not be paved with roses and neatly-trimmed hedges. There wasn’t even a path to my dream – because I was the one to discover it.

And my Friend, for that’s who I found out He was, told me I had only been living half my Dream. “Your Dream is not to just have a voice,” he said, “it’s to use that voice how I’ll show you to.” And that, for me, was enough.

But what about your dream, you may wonder… “I haven’t heard from this Friend of yours,” you may think. Not so. I believe you must have, only you didn’t know it was Him at the time. Matter of fact, these aren’t even my words, He gave them to me. So, if like me, you had let circumstances get the better of your dreams…or you had allowed yourself to become self-absorbed by being the sole beneficiary of your ambitions, cease and desist.

So what did I do about my Dream, then? I stopped thinking it. I woke up, smelled the coffee, and started living it. I learnt I couldn’t do it all at once, and I would be everything but perfect for the longest time. I found out Words was a great friend, and see…he has introduced me to you. But we won’t stop there… I’ve heard of many of his relations – Sermon, Conversation and the places they hang around like Pulpits and the Streets. I hope I’ll meet them and they’ll help get me to my Dream one day.

PS – You’ll hear more about my Friend soon, I’ll make sure of that 🙂

What are your thoughts on dreams? Feel free to drop a comment (…or two… or many) below.

7 thoughts on “I USED TO HAVE A DREAM

  1. Proud of u man…I dont want to say i had a dream,i want to be saying am living my dream…great piece bro,God bless

  2. I like this.Was thinking about dreams too last week…didnt write it down,but now that i read yours,i just may.:)Thanks for sharing.


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