A love like this…

Yup…she’s the one 😅

I’m truly blessed and loved by God to have someone to love and who can also love me who knows what love is – its pain and pleasure, its beauty and bruising, it’s triumphs and terrors. Love is complex and layered and only an understanding of, and relationship with the one who is love, can grant us any shred of comprehension of what it truly is.

A beautiful piece by the even more beautiful Debbie. I recommend this reading to all of you without reservation 🙌

Beloved Saints

Have you ever perceived Love this way?

(You could replace the word ‘love’ in the first and second paragraph with a friend, parent, spouse’s name)

Love is almost like a life on its own

Love wakes you up in the morning

Love makes sure that you’ve had something to eat

Love checks up on you throughout the day

Love sometimes surprises you with unexpected words or appearances

Love holds you close and squeezes you just enough

Love prays for you

Love makes you laugh till your body aches

Love makes you happy and giggly

Love genuinely cares about you


Love also hurts

Love reminds you of some fears you may have hidden at the back of your mind

Love is sensitive

Love has made you cry

Love has unknowingly made you insecure

Love has tried to break down some concrete walls successfully and unsuccessfully

Love has made you rethink…

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