Body Image

Although I consider her the most beautiful person on this earth, it’s very true as Debbie writes that we all need to go on our own journeys of self-acceptance beyond or before the praise or critique, validation or renunciation by others.

Please give this beautiful writ a read, as you reflect on the ways you could be more grateful for being a beautiful image of the Creator.


Beloved Saints

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder if you really look the way you perceive yourself or if other people just see you completely different?

Happy New Year!

No it’s not too late. This is when my year Is when my starting officially. A lot has happened since last year but let’s talk about our bodies today, shall we ?

My journey of how I view myself has been a painful one growing up!

I have always been petite as some like to refer to it or even skinny as some call it or let’s just say the dictionary.

When I was young, I was in a girls primary school for 8 years, surrounded by young ladies who matured way faster than me. That meant, all areas of their bodies were changing fast and it was nothing they could hide or control.

I remember a teacher who once…

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