Till we meet, Tiberius

I have no words, and I’m grateful Chelal that you had them. Tibs was a great man, and God bless you for eulogizing him as beautifully as you have in these words here. Tears keep filling my eyes and my gut is wrenched over and over again. But despite this pain, I have hope…we all do, in Christ and the resurrection, that we can proclaim earnestly “Oh death, where is your sting? Oh grave, where thy victory?”

Till we meet again Tib-Tib, may the Lord comfort us till then.


My fingers rested on the keyboard after having just knelt in prayer before God and the only words I could utter were, “O God, Tiberius is gone. Tiberius is gone, O God”. It was a thought I never had, an inkling I never scratched, a moment I never imagined, at least not too soon.

His name is Tiberius Atuti, Orechi is his family name. Born in May 1992. He was a short man, had a bearded face and strong dark arms. I called him ‘Tib-Tib’, I don’t know why but it always came out with some vigour and strength and joy. Try to say that name in a mellow, weak tone – odd, right? But say it again from your diaphragm in a quick bullet-like form, better, huh?

Tib-Tib wasn’t just a great friend, he wasn’t just a brother, he was my business partner.

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