It is not an easy task at all to begin to describe yourself, especially while treading the fine line between modesty and honesty. Matters are made worse when you realise that you have never quite given thought to what really defines you as a person.

Is a person their wealth…or lack of it? Are they defined by their upbringing, or perhaps their background? Are you defined by your skills and talents…or are you better defined by the list of your various achievements? Are you how smart you are? And most of all, do you even define yourself, or are you defined by society and those around you?

This confused state was my situation for a long part of my (as yet) short life. I can’t say I found any satisfactory answers. At least not until I met Someone who changed my perspective entirely…and is changing my life day by day.

So then, you may ask me; who are you? Who is Selian?

Beyond being a young man, my chief identity is that I am a Christian. I am a child of God.

Anything else – my name, nationality, race, ethnicity, wealth, knowledge, occupation…etcetera, are merely attributes of myself. Neither of which are wrong, but neither of which are good enough measures of my identity.

What then do you have to say? Seeing as your blog is titled “SelianSays”…

All what I have to say-you will find within the pages and posts on this website.

The gist of all these stories though, is that Jesus Christ is the answer, to the question of Life.

In this desert of worldly desires and morals on their deathbed, I desire to be the signpost pointing people to the oasis of living water that is the Biblical Messiah, Jesus (Yeshua).

I wish to speak to young and old people everywhere of the love of Jesus Christ and of how He changed my life. I desire through words to be able to spread the message that He came for you…yes you. And not so much to establish a religion and a host of followers, as to show love personally – to establish and foster a relationship with you.

So, who am I? A friend and follower of Jesus… What do I have to say? In ten words: that I hope you’ll take this journey of faith with me.

PS- Those were 11 words 🙂

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