The Other About Page

Social conventions are terrible things. They tell you to act normal and to be ordinary. They say, “don’t dream”, and if you dare to…don’t do it aloud. And if you are loud, at least be sensible about it…and if you aren’t, they label you…and so on the script follows. So blogging conventions say that you should have an about page. Why only one? Why shouldn’t my entire blog be an about page? So this is my act of rebellion to society…my pièce de résistance if you will – The Other About Page.

Since all the cool bloggers get bombarded with many questions, I’ll act like I’m one. And I’ll ask myself Frequently Asked Questions with the role of Public Opinion played by my conscience .

Why do you write this blog?

The simple answer to that question would be that I have a passion to share the truth with the world. Plus I love writing…so the two kind of went hand-in-hand and this just came up.

Is this a blog about religion?

That depends on what you term as religion. The aim of this blog is to share Jesus, the Man and God, with the world. To tell people that Jesus is indeed the Son of God, and that He died for the sins of all mankind that they may be saved from sin through faith in Him alone.

That sounds a lot like religious talk

I just wanted to explain myself thoroughly. Simply, I want people to fall in love with Jesus.

So this is a Christianity blog?

I would much rather say it’s a blog by a Christian…and that I represent Christ and his teachings; and not necessarily the Church and the seemingly varying beliefs attributed to it.

But why would you want to rub your beliefs in people’s faces? Why not be happily quiet about it?

Why? Because I would be selfish to hide the Truth that was revealed to me by God . And also because my enemies – the World, the Devil and the Flesh aren’t exactly quiet about their stance. They daily bombard us with misinformation and false doctrine. This blog is just a singular attempt to proclaim the Truth, albeit with the aid of God 🙂

But all of you Christian types are the same. You think you are right and everyone else is wrong.

What’s the question?

Why are you any different? Why should we listen to you?

First, nowhere have I said that I am right and everyone else is wrong. In fact, I was wrong my whole life…believing in the wrong things until God set me right. And I am nowhere near perfect – at least not on my own. I am only perfect through God…and that is a perfection I can never claim to be my own. To be clear…everyone is wrong. Only God is right.

Why am I different, you ask? Because I am a straight-shooter. I have no pretences.

I won’t sugar-coat the real issues and I won’t hide behind personal convictions. I will, through God’s help, hope to give the Truth according to His Scriptures.

Why should you listen to what I say? Because I have this idea that Truth is good for people. There are some who choose to live in ignorance their whole lives, and don’t desire to ever find the Truth. There are others who realise that this world is a sham but rather than seek out the Truth, become cynical and jeer at those who try to find it. I write so that they will have no excuse.

Why should you listen to what I say? Because I was shown the Truth, and I know where it is. It’s not in knowledge…it’s not in power…neither is it in wealth nor is it in sensual pleasures. The Truth is not within you (how could it ever be?). The Truth is in Christ…in fact, the Truth is Him.

Doubt me? Tag along, let’s find out.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…

– Jesus of Nazareth –

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